One Housing must come clean on Project Stone

For over a year Isle of Dogs residents have been concerned about One Housing’s refusal to confirm their plans to demolish the Barkantine, Kingsbridge, Samuda and St John’s estates and replace them with 9,000 new homes.

Long serving Island Councillor, Peter Golds has now been handed the details of this project code named “Project Stone” which was presented to the One Housing Board.

This is an eye watering proposal to replace the existing 2000 homes with 9,000 homes. Far worse is the attitude of One Housing who according to the presentation are planning to target International investors, company purchases, those seeking midweek accommodation and high earning financial sector workers.

Cllr Golds:

“As so often with One Housing, residents come last. Earlier this year One Housing engaged a consultancy for a so called “Cross Island Conversation.” The one conversation that would have been of interest would be the actual plans,which  has no apparent interest in the new schools, medical provision or transport that will be required for 9,000 new homes. Even the “midweek residents” will require a doctor and transport.”

“One Housing is extremely controversial and much criticised, often for sheer arrogance, and their denial to residents as to the detail of “Project Stone” is an example of this arrogance.” “They must now explain to Islanders exactly what are their intentions and not try and pretend they are the end product of a “conversation.” Islanders deserve to know what is proposed and should be informed by the developer and not as the result of a brown envelope through the door. One Housing are a prime example of consultation meaning “the deal is done” – in this case it is not!

Cllr Peter Golds