A ruthless search for the truth. Not in Tower Hamlets

Today the local news website the Wharf raised questions over the Metropolitan Police's role in why Lutfur Rahman was not made to face a criminal trial for the abuse of power when Mayor of Tower Hamlets. 

The Wharf states that: "His was one of the most egregious assaults on British democracy in the modern era, an illegal and tawdry conspiracy to defraud the electorate. Yet no-one has come before a criminal court to answer for their actions – all because of a perverse decision taken in a most questionable manner."

The Wharf goes on to say with respect to a prosecution of Lutfur Rahman that "If a candidate used lies, bribery and unlawful influence to steal a election and then used that power to divert huge sums of taxpayer’s money to fund, in part, further bribery, it would stand in legal textbooks as the very definition of public interest."

Why the Crown Prosecution Service were not allowed to make the decision over whether to bring criminal charges against Lutfur Rahman, because the Met Police had already taken the extrodinary decision not to proceed is a question demanding of an answer. 

The full investigation by the Wharf can be found here.